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Senior Minister - Joe Sneed 

Bro Joe Sneed was added to Wagner Ave Church of Christ in May 1965. Where he later became a Deacon and Radio Broadcaster for Wagner. Bro Sneed participated in Bible Studies both morning and evening for well over 7yrs and currently steps in when a teacher is needed. Bro Sneed has taken on several roles in Wagner and he is currently the Senior Minister, the Board of Trustee's President and the Assistant Treasurer to the Aid to Elderly. These are just a few reasons why Bro Joe Sneed is a great Man of Christ...

Minister - Christopher Williams Sr

Bro Christopher Williams Sr. was added to Wagner Avenue Church of Christ in 1981. As he grew closer to Christ he was asked to become the Youth Minister of Wagner. He held this position from 1992 through 1995. At this time he also participated in all church ceremonies, youth functions as well as counsel and guide Wagner's youth from the ages 7 to 18 years of age. Bro Williams has worked in all aspects of the Sunday service and has taught the Sunday Bible classes when needed. Bro Williams and his wife Sis Rita Williams has also hosted many of Wagner's events and fundraisers. Bro Williams is now Wagner's current Minister and holding a seat on the Board of Directors. Bro Williams brings a sound and Doctrine mind to the Gospel and his growing congregation looks forward to his words from God every Sunday.  Bro Williams and other Men of Wagner will be starting a Prison Ministry to help our Men and Women who have made some bad choices in life but still can be reached and saved by our Father's blood. These are just a few reasons why Bro Chris Williams is a great Man of Christ.

 Will Moore 

Bro Will Moore was added to Wagner Avenue Church of Christ in 1964. Bro Moore has worn multiple hats in the vineyard and continues to wear some of those hats today. Bro Moore has taught new convert classes and currently teaches Sunday morning bible class. He is also on the Aid to the Elderly Board and is Wagner's current Worship Minister. Bro Moore also seats as a Board of Directors for Wagner. Bro Moore continues to show he is a dedicated member to Wagner and this is why he is a great Man of Christ.....

Board of Directors Secretary

 & Youth Ministries 

 Calvin Talley 

Bro Calvin Talley desire is that all youth could feel encouraged as he felt when his mother, Delores, confirmed silently with just a pat on the head that getting baptized earlier that morning was right. That was over 50 years ago by Bro. Riddle at the Page Avenue Church ably built and led by Bro. R M Moore. Since then, through church pioneers such as his Grandmother Sis. Foehand, Sis. Adamson, Bro. Allen, Bro. Prophet, Sis. Hayes, Bro. Lee, Bro. Sargent, Sis. Wiggins, Bro. Graves and countless others, he has truly been BLESSED. Their, wisdom, investment, and commitment to youth activities such as the Youth Conference, Wagner Youth Chorus, softball, bowling, picnics, and the Christian Travelers, to name a few, has instilled in him the desire to encourage our current youth. Proverbs 22:6 is a truthful, prophetic verse, " Train a child up in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". Bro Calvin Talley is also the Secretary of the Board of Directors for Wagner Avenue  Church of Christ. This is what makes Bro. Calvin Talley a great Man of Christ...

Board of Directors, Aide To Elderly Board Member & Wednesday Bible Class Instructor

 Otis Jones

Bro Otis Jones was added to Wagner Avenue Church of Christ in 1994. Since then Bro Jones has taken on multiple roles. Bro Jones once held the Youth Ministry Lead and taught the Sunday Teen Bible class. He was also over the Bible Education department as well. He currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors and the Aid to Elderly Board. He is also the Wednesday morning Bible Class instructor. Bro Jones is currently still an active member in all aspects of Sunday morning services. Bro Jones goal is to see Wagner grow as a church, help the needy, bring new souls to Christ and inspire our youth to reach their potential goals while serving Christ. and These are just a few reasons why Bro Otis Jones is a great Man of Christ.

        Minister Emeritus & Consultant

                      Bruce Liggins

Bro Bruce Liggins was added to Wagner Avenue Church of Christ in 1996, where he was an Associate Minister and became Wagner's Minister in 2010 through 2017. While Bro Liggins was Minister Wagner celebrated 50 years of service. Bro Liggins Baptized several souls and ordained 2 ministers ( Bro Elmer Lambert & Bro Chris Williams Sr.) Bro Liggins will continue in his new role at Wagner as a Minister Emeritus and Counselor to the Men of Wagner when needed. These are just some of the reasons why Bro Bruce Liggins is a great Man of Christ...

       Community Outreach & Legal                                      Advocate

                   Stanley I Tillman

Bro. Stanley I. Tillman was added to Wagner Avenue Church of Christ in 2017. He currently works as a Community Outreach Advocate, and Legal Advocate. Bro Tillman is committed to the social injustices and discriminating practices against our communities. Bro Stanley Tillman is the husband of Sis Theresa R. Tillman, and father to seven children. Bro Tillman is graduated of the University of Missouri- St. Louis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Law & Civil Litigation, and is currently seeking his Master’s Degree in Gerontology at the University of Missouri-St. Bro Tillman has committed his life to follow the righteous path that God has planned for his journey. And is committed giving back to those who have paved the way for him and this is what makes Bro Stanley Tillman a great Man of Christ.

                Outreach Ministries 

                  Raymond Smith

Bro Raymond Smith was added to Wagner Ave Church of Christ in 1974. He has been involved in several activities and events at Wagner. Bro Raymond Smith is currently involved with Wagner's Outreach Ministries which currently travel to Grand Manor Nursing Home on the third Sunday of every month. Bro Raymond deliveries a heartfelt message to the tenants and welcome them to Wagner. As a result of that we have had several of the tenants attend our Sunday services. Bro Raymond also works in every aspect of Wagner's Sunday morning services. This is just a few reasons why Bro Raymond Smith is a great Man of Christ.


            Joseph Miner

Bro Joseph Miner was added to Wagner Avenue Church of Christ in June 2019. Bro Miner has decided that his gifts that God has blessed him with he will use in God's house and help his children. He currently has taken the role and duties of the  Groundskeeper and Church Maintenance. Bro Miner keeps and maintain the churches building, land and church vehicles. Bro Miner has taken this role on and he has also taken on roles in Sunday morning services. These are just a few reasons why Bro Joseph Miner is a great Man of Christ.

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