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The Women of Wagner

Sis Barbara Sneed

Sis Barbara Sneed is the wife to Bro Joe Sneed the Senior Minister/ Elder of Wagner Avenue Church of Christ. Sis Sneed was added to the Wagner Family in 1965. Where she is currently an active member and outstanding role model for the younger women at Wagner. Her words of encouragement and her sacrifices are undeniable. She continues to thrive in his words and this is what makes her a Great Woman of Christ...

Sis Sallie Reed

Sis Sallie Reed is the wife of late Deacon Bro Reed. Sister Reed was added to Wagner Ave Church of Christ in 1965. She is still an active member of Wagner by assisting on the bereavement committee, supporting the youth spiritually & financially. She is always making sure the younger women in the church have what they need to succeed in their walk with Christ and this is what makes her a Great Woman of Christ...

Sis Susie Tomlin

Sis Susie Tomlin has been a member of Wagner Avenue Church of Christ since 1966. She has served in many capacities such as Sunday School Recorder, church secretary and administrative assistant from 1988 to 2010. She currently is serving as the Sunday School Admin for our Preschool through third grade.  Sis Susie Tomlin is also on the Kitchen Committee for events held at Wagner. This is what makes Sis Susie Tomlin as Great Woman of Christ...

Sis Rita Williams

 Social Media & Marketing Administrator, Women's Outreach Facilitator,  Youth Board Member & Lead Board Member of Woman of Wagner

Sister Rita Williams was added Wagner Ave Church of Christ in 2009 when she married long-standing Member and Minister Christopher Williams Sr. Although she didn't know much about the Church of Christ & grew up in a Baptist church she was eager to learn. She immediately took on several roles in the church as a youth volunteer, organizing fundraising events, youth outings & church events. She currently the Social Media & Marketing  Administrator. She is the lead for the Woman of Wagner, overseeing  the church's social media & marketing. youth outings, annual events, and fundraising.  In the upcoming year, she will be shifting her focus on organizing a Women's Bible Class,  a Woman's Outreach Committee,  Annual Women Outings as well as Luncheons. She will continue to assist women in counseling, preparation for motherhood, furthering their education and housing assistance. She will also continue her studies for her new role as a First Lady. She continues to go above and bound and this is what makes her a Great Woman of Christ.

Sis Theresa  R. Tillman- Church Secretary, Woman of Wagner Board Member, Community Outreach Advocate & Youth Board Member

Sister Theresa Tillman servers as Wagner Avenue Church of Christ Secretary, Community Outreach Advocate, and Youth Ministry Board Member. Theresa was added to Wagner Ave Church of Christ in 2009, under the leadership of Bro. Joe Sneed and Bro. Bruce Liggins. Theresa is the wife of Bro. Stanley I. Tillman, the mother of eight-year-old Elijah M. Hobson, and proud daughter of lifelong member Sister Corena Arnold. Theresa received her Associated Degree in Human Services from St. Louis Community College in 2015; Theresa completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Missouri- St. Louis in 2018 and is currently enrolled at Webster University where she is working on her Master’s degree in Human Services. Theresa is known for her work with local nonprofit agencies, and community outreach services in the urban communities of St. Louis. Theresa is committed to the well-being and safety of her community and this is what makes her a Great Woman of Christ.

Sis Kimberly Rogers - Committee Outreach Board Member, Woman of Wagner Board Member & Youth Board Member 

Sister Kimberly Rogers is a Program Supervisor/College Professor of an Allied Health Program, offering Medical Office Administrative Assistant certifications, Associates, and Bachelor's degrees. I am also a certified Release of Information Specialist working for an information services company in charge of expediting requests for patient information with quality care, and respect deserved. She has been a part of the Wagner family for 5 years. What I bring to the Outreach Committee is warmth, compassion, respect, love, and a desire for helping others. She is faithful in his God's teachings and this is what makes her a Great Woman of Christ.

  Sis Adrienne Brown-Mason

Welcome and Wellness Administrator & Woman of Wagner Board Member

Sis Adrienne Brown-Mason was added to Wagner Ave Church of Christ in 1967. Sis Mason actively participated in the church's choir. She was a Youth Sunday School teacher and loved working helping the youth. Sis Mason also has joined several committees. She jumped in hands first on the Wagner Summer School and Lunch Program. Where she served lunch and meals for our surrounding community. She is also on the Kitchen and Cleaning Committee. She is currently Wagner's Wellness and Welcoming Administrator. Sis Mason also helps with events for Wagner throughout the year. Sis Mason has a heart gold and always willing to help where need. She continues to go above and beyond for her Wagner family and the community and this is what makes her a Great Woman of Christ..

Sis Chenise Sykes

Youth Board Member/

Aide To Elderly Board Secretary 

Sis Chenise Lambert-Sykes was added to Wagner Ave Church of Christ in 19xx. She currently wears multiple hats. She is a Youth Board Member and Youth Bible Class teacher. There she sees out the lesson plan, read scriptures with discussions which are applicable to everyday life and references the Bible to help our youth understand. She offers our youth spiritual growth and mentoring. She also is a current Aide to Elderly Board Member where she assists with providing assistance to our elderly in the form of utility assistance, medications, escorting to doctor appointments, checking on them in general, love offerings and assuring them that Wagner is there whenever they are in need and this is what makes Chenise a Great Woman of Christ.

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